The Virtual Village Community Guidelines

We bring together mama changemakers on a growth and healing path who are eager to better understand the norms, narratives, systems and structures that make life as mothers so damn hard.

We’re here to get real, connect vulnerably and courageously, and fuel our soulfires, so that we might be able to experience more ease and joy, discover and step into our true power, heal our way into village mindsets, remember what true belonging and support look and feel like, mitigate harm, and orient society toward interdependence and community models of care.

You show that you are committed to these values and best serve those aims when you:

Invest in creating a welcoming & brave space - we invite you to share your truths and respond to other members with a spirit of compassion, understanding that in any given moment, each of us is always doing the best we can (based on our current level of awareness and resources).

Honor privacy and confidentiality - the strength of our community comes from the intimacy we share. This level of open-hearted sharing and honesty is only possible when we each know that what happens in the Virtual Village stays in the Virtual Village.

Respect the unique journeys of others - each of us is on our own journey and experiences life in different ways. With an open perspective, differing viewpoints are an opportunity to grow and learn about others (and yourself) in the process.

Refrain from giving advice unless it is asked for directly - true and deep growth is more likely when it arises from our inner knowing. Sharing our own experiences is very different from telling people what they ought to do.

Hold paradox with curiosity - because the world is filled with nuance and shades of gray, we must recognize that the path to liberation requires an expanded capacity for both/and thinking.

Embrace the imperfect and often messy nature of learning, healing, and growth.

Extend grace and make generous assumptions about people. Ask for clarification rather than making up stories.

Understand that we hold a firm line against causing intentional harm - because we value differing viewpoints and perspectives, intentional discrimination (indirect, direct, or microaggressions) will not be tolerated in this space. Unintentional harm will be addressed directly, through conversations, centering those who are harmed, and promoting a growth-mindset so that we can each know better and do better.

See this as a community space - although this group was formed by Revolution from Home, it is not intended to be a ‘guru-led' zone. This space belongs to each and every one of us. This is our community, what we do and say here makes or breaks it.

Please contribute all you can to making this community what you would love it to be. 

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*This page was last updated: May 2023