Virtual Village Scholarship Request Form

It's important to me that as many mothers who need it can access the Revolution From Home Virtual Village. You are welcome to apply for a scholarship if your financial situation makes the full cost out of reach.

*Note: I offer these scholarships in good faith. Please act with integrity and only apply for one if you have a genuine need. This allows me to continue to offer this form of financial support to the mothers who need it most.


I confirm that my financial situation makes the full monthly cost of the Virtual Village out of reach.


I am offering two scholarship options for access to the Virtual Village. You can choose to pay $19 per month or $9 per month instead of the full price of $29 per month. Which option are you requesting?


Your name, please.


*Important Note: Once you've submitted this application, you will be hearing back from us. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive a response.

Click "Save Worksheet" below to submit your request.

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